and everything’s done under the sun…

isolationthere is wisdom imparted in the statements of short men in high heels:

“bitch, u think u’re special? well so do I!”

blog, social networking site, message board…millions of people in anonymity or comical camouflage announcing “hear what it is I have to say!”, a boorish notion full of the conceit that something of value is being expressed, made all the more amusing in that they are no more listeners than their intended audience. what sort of solipsistic impulse compels us, for surely it is not loneliness since the procurement of companionship is the proverbial oldest profession? the illogic and the perfection of the human mind is easily illustrated by it’s capability to hold two conflicting cognitions to be true at the same time, with multiple evident outcomes, most notably for the present being the expression of self importance despite our subconscious recognition that:

“you are not special. you are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. you are the same decaying organic matter as everything else.”

so what is this engagement? an exercise in hypocrisy? there is great enjoyment in self-aware hypocritical activities but motivations are overrated when results are what really piques the interest and it is for one that this is done. it is my art…

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