haven’t you heard it’s a battle of words…

sucide solution“those who can — do. those who can’t — teach.”

perhaps it was an exercise of his fifth amendment rights that prompted h.l. mencken to accuse instruction as the perpetrator of incapability rather than punditry…or maybe it was an exercise in monosyllabic phrasing for simplicity’s sake; after all, ‘opine’ may’ve twisted the tongue and the mind of his american audience. alas not a composer of quatrains, the veracity of the statement has become anachronistic being that teaching has subsequently taken its place amongst the third state of a binary relation: void. relegating itself to the inert, punditry has asserted its claim to be the deficiency de rigueur.

be it bloggery, sunday morning shleppery or student newspaper strumpets, the ‘wit’ in witticism has been replaced with ‘shit’ and shitticism. scads of ‘lone voices in the woods’ are calling out ‘wolf’, filling heads and ears with none of our beeswax, which has not obstructed the siren’s song but fills one with the urge to defecate themselves. and while a world of shit is not in of itself undesirable, one in which the waste cannot fertilize is. the spite of the slave and it’s ignorance has asserted itself, a multimedia expression of submission that reinforces itself, the ouroboros that feeds on its substance-less self to nothingness. the inevitable expression of rugged individualism, rigorous conformity and willfully militant ignorance, let us all enjoy this now the american experience, lest we forget it is an inheritance:

“we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort
of thought.”

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