have it your way

cross“god, guts and guns made this country. let’s keep all three.”

the united states of america, where the myth of rugged individualism meets the protestant work ethic to produce a land of do-it-yourself religion. when no one else can smell what you’re cooking, come start your own nation, kill or convert some heathens and annually commemorate your own starvation; when they don’t get you and your golden plates, get a few wives and your own state; and when you realize the imminence of helter skelter, just go up to the hollywood hills and make things a little better. were it not for the first amendment, the united states would be deprived of much of it’s modern folklore: how a little trip to guyana can show that sugar sweetened drinks are not just for children; how a siege in texas can contribute the term “religious compound” to the everyday, ordinary american’s lexicon as well as little known acronyms like “atf” and “fubar”; or how to best prepare for a ride on a comet is self castration.

just like the methamphetamine labs popping up amongst the amber waves of grain, anyone with a ‘git-r-done’ attitude using a little bit of farm fertilizer, a box of cold tablets and the sword of the lord can find an abiding flock and a shepherd’s hook to tend it. could a more idealized republic be realized than one in which the masses manufacture their own opiates? unfortunately something is lost amidst the zealotry, and americans have not been able to keep all that made their country, but comfort can be taken from the counsel of the troubadour of the times, meat loaf:

“now don’t be sad, ’cause two out of three ain’t bad.”

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