give me convenience or give me death

leashoh donatello, the fiddles fiddling! remember the proverbial good ol’ days when expressing your craziness meant a political assassination? jack and martin and robert all took one for the team while wallace, ford and reagan suffered the ignominity of being the bulleyes of bad eyes. you still get an occasional crazy across the pond killing a conservative homosexual xenophobe (a not so confounding combination as the prol might think), but the homocide de rigeur for the american plebeian has become the celebrity…as if the loss of an artist somehow matters.

what all this means is that the united states has finally got its breads and circuses right. with a sprawl of convenience stores supplying a steady dose of high fructose corn syrup and assorted deep fried confections as well as the constant dispensation of multimedia ultraviolence, the noble savage has been returned to his primitive state of nature. a sedentary populace placated by violence and sustenance breeds contentment…the numbers don’t lie. clearly the occupational hazards of celebrity have claimed their lennons, selenas and sisters of sam, but if you can’t live like the king and kill your television, running away and murdering your way into the circus is the next best thing.

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