don’t panic

plugas postulated by douglas adams, the planet earth is nothing more than a large computer entrusted with the task of discerning the question to the ultimate answer, “42”. if this is the case, it is clear the united states must be the central processing unit of the planet earth given its preponderance for reducing the intermediary language of life into binary code for ease of processing. with politics being reduced to “left” or “right”, race is atomized to “black” and “white”, sex is “gay” or “straight” and vice whittled down to “smoking” and “non”, make no mistake that “would you like fries with that?” is in the same vein and not an extolment to yield an open-ended answer. with democritus in tow to guide our grinding down to the bifold irreducible, we all become conditioned to view the world as a sneetch and eagerly await the messiah mcbean to deliver “us” from “them” and our monochromatic malaise…for the right price.

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