i pity the poor immigrant…

immigrantresisting the temptation to be labeled unpatriotic, it cannot be said that the united states is progressive where immigration is concerned. whereas at one time it seemed that the triviality of aliens and other odd residencies down roswell’s way were below the conspicuous conscience of the north american south of canada mind, an old world heritage castoff by the new one yet still enjoyed across the atlantic by german islamaphobes, franks fearful of religious headwear and many a western europeans fearing slavic hordes. however, it seems that the land without culture seems to have returned to its roots with the rediscovery of its opposition to illegal immigration. nevermind the fact that any non-native american in the northern and western hemisphere is quite likely not indigenous or the fallacious idea that its the illegality that is galling since all manner of lawbreaking is socially acceptable and in fact encouraged, but because this land has been cleansed, enslaved, rape and pillaged, the right to call it “ours” surely has been earned and by way of reason, the right to deny entry to these stolen lands or expel those here who should not be.

despite a perception due in no small part to the tint of rose coloured glasses worn, it seemed that only a marginalized minority of the citizenry concerned themselves who was living where and whether they should be, which is certainly easier than concerning themselves with who among their fellow citizens was creating the demand for their new found neighbors; however with an election year in the balance, it seems the classic red herring of immigrant hordes has been trot out only to be ridden vigorously by a bowlegged public familiar with the beast. a society’s appetite for a scapegoat has been whetted, a conservative turn to find faith in the old and a willingness to accept the truth of a barnumism. however, many a solution are so simple as to be easily over looked so allow it to be stated for all parties involved in the debate:

go back from whence thee came!

“all hope abandon, ye who enter here.”

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