nothing better than a dealer who’s high…


“religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. it is the opium of the people”

what can a dirty little german mind come up with next? nothing in comparison to american ingenuity! comrade karl must be turning in his grave with the bourgeois party of business cornering the drug market, but it’s debatable whether its a rotation from dudgeon or laughter. with the echo of a don king “only in america” reverberating, it must be said, “god damn, god damn the pusher man” for the politics of business now control the supply of religion.

pity the poor soul that believes the drivel, for their god is greed and they believe not their born-again drivel, but theirs is a soulless society of selfishness and anomie, and shooting up the lord is sedating to the america idol-not-me. the same pushers of pollution, consumption and the market that you’ll never be or have enough also proffer the escapism of another world and an end time reward in exchange for democratically elected worldly power…it is a well designed dystopia that corner’s the market on this world and the next.

“you know me
i’m your friend
your main boy
thick and thin
i’m your pusherman”

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