the story you are about to hear is true…

televisionhow can the popularity of police procedurals, medical dramas and courtroom thrillers be explained? is murder entertainment? clearly this is so, but can the same be said of justice and surgery? apparently body mechanics, the science of semen-soaked chalk outlines and the interpretative defense and prosecution of the associated crimes and malpractices of the first two are amusing to the television viewing public. this phenomenon could not be explained because the cessation of homo sapiens is integral to story arcs…could it?.

what do operating tables, city streets and court rooms all have in common? they’re all places characters go to die on television so that our daily requirement of butchery is met. primal bloodlust satiated and facilitated scenarios revolving around well-paid professionals…beats the hell out of gladiators, no?

“i want a doctor to take your picture
so I can look at you from inside as well”

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