you raise the blade, you make the change…


“look people, you heard it on the radio,
you seen it on the tv show!”

socialized dissatisfaction…as if the human condition weren’t enough, anomie must be marketed. so what’s the salve to sooth…why playing artist with oneself, naturally! as if rubbing mercury and the distilled essence of animalia weren’t enough, the forms of the divine and omnipotent chisel of creation may be profaned with a nip and a tuck, a peel and pull, a hack and a whack. bearing witness to modern media is an exercise in endurance and disgust as a parade of hatchet faced men and women march their failed artistry on their faces. all at once we are unique and part of the group so there is no shock in that some creative impulse bubbles up within all in some form or another, and yet the deficiencies of thinking one self capable of artistry are painfully obvious immediately through any visual mass medium…the sum of elective reconstruction expenditure’s parts are greater than the total carved countenance.

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