you may say that i ain’t free, but it don’t worry me…

justicecertainly there is a totalitarian streak in many, an authoritarian stripe in a few more and a rather solid to be lead in nearly all. the fundamental component of a functioning and sustainable government has nothing to do with the participation of the masses…democracy in and of it’s self is a messy thing and the classical greeks in their infinite sophia knew enough that sometimes a little ostracism can go a long way. as natural as artesian spring water for beer, oligarchic tendencies cannot be denied and the democratic canard of republicanism ensures the power of the people never truly slips into the wrong hands, namely the people.

nonetheless the cornerstone of a human mass functioning en masse is order, and while freedom and democracy boggle the mind and soar the soul, law is the straw that stirs the drink. so much is taken for granted, such as the general acceptance that a small piece of paper is proof of purchase, a title to an entitlement, a parchment passport to ownership and it is precisely the general acceptance and conditioning reinforcement of leges that makes this possible…or at least the theory of the true rumor has done so. while it is hardly surprising that citizens willingly forsake freedom and human rights for the purely psychological comforts of safety and security, it is astounding that more has not been made regarding the zeal with which the rules by which a person can expect to receive a can of coca cola from its eponymous vending machine and not a piero manzoni colonic creation are being discarded; has society been so successfully engineered that it is not realized that governments not obeying their own laws is the first step on the road to total chaos and the extinction of the expectation that a hamburger today can be paid for on tuesday?

“in games without frontiers…”

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