’cause I can turn on anyone just like I turned on you…

camera eyewith ease a blind eye can be turned from the polluting effects of the entertainment industry, often with its gaze falling to the recycling efforts of said industry: infotainment. as though the world with all it’s daily events simply amounts to a never ending cycle of slow news days and the joy of mindless mesmerization weren’t enough, thankfully there is a cottage industry of cannibalism that devours entertainers lies and lives to be regurgitated as a mother bird does to feed her young so as to satiate the void left by an un-filling meal of conventional bemusements and life’s mundanity. what may stricken one as odd is that it seems that there is a bit of working against one’s self in this relationship; granted this type of behavior in a business is not wholly unknown given the “drink responsibly” campaigns of alcohol industry ultimately undermines the consumption of their output, yet with an endless supply of “i’m special, so special, i got to have some of your attention” in the pipeline, entertainment industry, eat away at yourself…where better is the maxim “i brought you into the world, and i can take you out” actualized?

“and I can do you favors
but then you’ll do whatever I like”

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