animals, whom we have made our slaves, we do not consider our equal

dead meatthe blue collar has been replaced by the iron collar of ignorant slavery beholden to the capricious profit seeking whims of the captains of industry and conspicuous consumerism. moreover it too has been commoditized and marketed so that authentic impersonation of appearing, drinking and behaving blue collar may be attained with the simple separation of one’s mind and money from the self. indubitably it is amusing to hear of the so-called “our jobs” going to “them” when tomorrow is not promised today and all that can be shown for “our jobs” are scads of breads, circuses, debts and dumbfounded expressions endemic to believers in the benevolence of business, afterall there is no doubt that the weight of the yoke is familiar and good, no? a beaten ass that no longer brays, the systematic and repeated exploitation of inaffluence no longer in the least piques the proletarian…just the possibility that the jones may catch up and not speak their language.

“who was born in a house full of pain
who was trained not to spit in the fan
who was told what to do by the man
who was broken by trained personnel
who was fitted with collar and chain
who was given a pat on the back
who was breaking away from the pack
who was only a stranger at home
who was ground down in the end
who was found dead on the phone
who was dragged down by the stone”

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