freedom is slavery

cogmore than four score and seven years ago the american expression of opposition to taxes meant going native and polluting the nearest harbor with caffeine or moving to tennetucky to distill spirits. rugged individualism found expression in the trafficking and ownership of human flesh or the systematic eradication of the indigenous population or an okie pogrom. back in the day, old world monarchs footed the bill and their benefactors gave ’em the finger as amber waves of grain were wont to affect such a attitude at one time.

“rebel, rebel you tore your dress…”

once upon a time you could count on americans to go completely bat-shit crazy, divide amongst themselves into the blues and the grays and aggressively assert the definition of freedom by exercising their right to kill thy neighbor. loonies and dingbats packed up and made their way across the pond to escape having somebody else’s religion crammed down their throat while there was enough sense in the founding fathers to put on a helmet when joining a scrum. what a sad state the land of the free finds itself in now, whereas dissention and revolution were touted as the tie that binds and a fuck you i won’t do what you tell me attitude gave birth to a nation, acquiescence and obedience to the state, religion and television rule the mordern day. you’ve come a long way baby to where rebellion too is manufactured consent and maybe, just maybe not wearing head protection provides exactly the kind of relieving brain damage needed to embrace the responsibility for willfully exercising freedom.

“despite all my rage i am still just a rat in a cage…”

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