i hate illinois nazis…

free“when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

a doughnut without a hole, a child conceived without spunk, day for night, and ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony so why not a ground war won with not boots on the ground but well-wishing and words? when one selects to wage inessential conflict, one does so with the army one has, not the one that could be well-equipped to succeed. perhaps it’s not the war that’s to be won but defense contracts and government kick backs? certainly the rhetoric could massage reality more effectively than thus far…or perhaps a paradigmatic shift is required so that the straw that stirred the drink to civil war assesses the resulting cocktail “remarkably well” and rebuts criticism with “go fuck yourself” and a hunting mishap.

“this policy cannot succeed through speeches, and shooting-matches, and songs; it can only be carried out through blood and iron.” otto von bismarck

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