i’m not bad, i’m just drawn that way…

bad guy“born bad,
its such a sin,
i guess i’m born naturally born bad.”

alas pure, unadulterated evil is being diluted by understanding. once it sufficed to merely accept without questioning…the world was the world, and it was as it is. there was no room for complexity or creativity, just blunt force black and white with the swift actions that accompany a crude as a cudgel weltanschauung. afflicted now as we are by the enlightenment and de-evolution of the post modern world, the malevolent no longer exists as an uncaused cause but that which too deserves compassion and empathy, for it is not responsible for the circumstances in which must transcend, rather another victim of the human condition and the cruel facticity of life.

certainly respite from this trend may be found for soldiers keep on warrin’, powers keep on lyin’, and people keep on dyin’, yet the villains of the entertainment industry continue to be neutered by the ‘touchy’ and the ‘feely’ while our social and genetic inheritance to be afraid of the dark is squandered for the meager return of acumen. its been clear for years that nobody gives a fuck about the real world, but how can it be tolerated the manufactured objects of our derision for our entertainment are just misunderstood, misbegotten and inculpably maladjusted? will no one save our circuses or will it be that the evils and enemies of our reality will have to be brought to digestable terms as well?

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