drain you of your sanity face the thing…

shredthe long reviled trouper and aspirant bard have ascended to the apotheosis of modern society yet never before has so ill-equipped a group been charged with the burdens of the plebians. ere royalty, warriors, and clerics shaped as well as guided the mundane ebbs and flows of civil survival whereas the actor and musician traditionally have been embraced and reviled for their distraction from and lack of contribution to the general malaise of existence and consequently it has been ground into their genetic memory to expect just as often the good word as a good smack. certainly the will to build up only to tear down is alive and well, but the individual artist crumbles under the unmitigated adulation and culpability heaped upon them by the media’d masses so that they turn to their inherited impulse to seek the abuse accustomed to their kind. how else can the self-destructive drive of the modern celebrity be explained?

i think you know the game i mean
i mean the game called ‘go insane’

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