sparkhow’s outsourcing of national security working out for the united states? no longer recruiting the best and brightest, like middle managers everywhere it’s just looking at the bottom line of budgets and getting the bare minimum to get the same money next budget cycle! clearly the educational system in the u.s. is failing to properly instruct it’s students in basic science topics like cause and effect since mr. snowden evidently didn’t anticipate the governmental responses to his “helping” of it’s citizenry. perhaps his predilection to pepsi can be converted into free soft drinks or refills for life as charles ramsey’s actions have resulted in burgers for life for him but it’s much more likely snowden’s “for life” will be his prison term without a computer, another interesting surprise to him given that computer criminals are typically restricted from using their weapon of choice. it appears that not every high school drop out is a genius, eh? maybe some google brain teasers could’ve teased him out of the employment pool since by default he’s in due to national security now being an opportunity to maximize profits.

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