we’re all living in amerika

shower timeuntil recently, the people had had enough of new york because the last time something so unpredicted occurred, the people rejected a learned new york lawyer as well. the people subsequently didn’t go for the intellectual in preference for the war hero who had a few ideas of his own that he thought pertinent to share with the people. the people also preferred suave when presented and ultimately what looked good on television to what they heard. once again an erudite soothsayer cum businessman was passed over as was the party bag man along with a victim of a dirty yet winning playbook when given the choice of the disarmingly charming or criminally slick. again the people let thebag man pay the price for the authority above him but disarmingly charming always proves hard to resist…except when faced with the mental vacancy of hollywood. once more the people enjoyed that old dirty playbook yet quickly returned to the welcoming arms of disarmingly charming. eggheads may be popular, but they still aren’t more popular in the right places, where the people take pity on those with less learned minds. also the people still like suave and having tired of the war, rebuffed the war hero and still couldn’t understand barry goldwater well enough to think he could handle the top job, even if he could handle the olympics. so given all that, it really isn’t all that surprising that the people didn’t want to listen to an educated party pleasing new york lawyer when a charismatically charged character straight from the their multimedia mental meanderings played that winning playbook and was able tospeak their language, is it? isn’t it more surprising somebody from new york got elected…?

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