i got my lunchbox and i’m armed real well

April 11th, 2014

enginedisregarding pretense and preening, there is perhaps no greater influence contributing to the continuation of the rock and roll experiment than the knights in satan’s service. certainly it was not the eagles that influenced a generation to rock and roll all night but what about they that erupted in the eighties and nineties? where is their influence felt and who twenty five years from now will be there to be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame? probably just deep purple…

“rock and roll is dead
must be something else instead…”

who the cap fit, let them wear it!

March 11th, 2014

ladieswhat word could be used to described an individual preoccupied with controlling the vocalizations of others? hmmm…

i’ve never heard so much shit in all my life!

December 20th, 2013

flameyou know about the blues…oh wait…riiiight it’s clear you don’t know a thing about what you’re talking about. must be that time of year because apparently the implication from these trenchant insights is that parents the world over miraculously change race every christmas to deliver the goods…c’mon, really, what color is the cough, cough santa claus in your household?

“you’re stupid,
you’re stupid,
you’re stupid,
hail to his majesty!”

you’ve painted up your lips and rolled and curled your tinted hair…

June 24th, 2013

bunga bungawhat happens at bunga bunga parties does not stay at bunga bunga parties…

“touch-a touch-a touch-a touch me
i wanna be dirty
thrill me, chill me, fulfill me
creature of the night”


June 24th, 2013

sparkhow’s outsourcing of national security working out for the united states? no longer recruiting the best and brightest, like middle managers everywhere it’s just looking at the bottom line of budgets and getting the bare minimum to get the same money next budget cycle! clearly the educational system in the u.s. is failing to properly instruct it’s students in basic science topics like cause and effect since mr. snowden evidently didn’t anticipate the governmental responses to his “helping” of it’s citizenry. perhaps his predilection to pepsi can be converted into free soft drinks or refills for life as charles ramsey’s actions have resulted in burgers for life for him but it’s much more likely snowden’s “for life” will be his prison term without a computer, another interesting surprise to him given that computer criminals are typically restricted from using their weapon of choice. it appears that not every high school drop out is a genius, eh? maybe some google brain teasers could’ve teased him out of the employment pool since by default he’s in due to national security now being an opportunity to maximize profits.

a jumped up pantry boy…

June 11th, 2013

watchis it really that surprising government and business are working together against the interests of the citizenry in the name of the citizenry? no more surprising that another member of the tween generation can’t simply keep their mouth shut and do their job without making it all about them. if you don’t know want to know what is in the sausage, it’s best to not see how it’s being made let alone getting a job at the slaughterhouse. regardless if you want privacy in the digital age, you have to live an analog life.

the only band that mattered…redux

December 7th, 2012

spinnot since tecumseh left the city in ruins has the city of atlanta generated the necessary energies to produce gentlemen that like smoke and lighting and make heavy metal thunder.

harold and the purple crayon

August 26th, 2012

interestingat this time it must be acknowledged that harry’s hobbies coupled with his sense of fashion have produced what must be termed another most interesting man in the world

i got an idea of something we can do with a…

August 15th, 2012

gunso it is perfectly reasonable to assume citizens are incapable of harming themselves or others through their use of buckyballs but they are responsible enough to own and use assault weapons? perhaps if buckyballs were marketed as ammunition the constitutional protection afforded by the 2nd amendment could be invoked to protect the rights of unstable citizens to buy, stockpile and use their buckyballs as the founding fathers saw fit to overthrow a tyrannical government…but until that time, citizenry will content itself with overthrowing the tyranny of hoodie wearers, movie goers and neighbors with firearms.

if you die when no one’s watching…

April 6th, 2012

the light houseon good friday, devoted and gun toting christians who have already snapped up firearms and ammo in preparation for the zombie apocalypse can fill their chapels, churches and stadiums in preparation for the annual commemoration of the three day death and forty day post mortem romp of what must be termed the only instance of a widely held belief of reanimation in the strictly lovecraftian sense, which begets the question, would a resurrected man shoot zombies?