watch out, the world’s behind you…

theifamidst the mad cabaret of divertissement that is the media saturated world erupted a ponderous sound of aspersions and aberrations, madness and machinations, unsoundness and sonance. the birth of nuova europa, midwifed by an eno, covered by a lillywhite caul, flood suckled and anointed with lanois, ushered a sonic examination of retrospection and hedonism, vacancy and society, self and exchange.

allow us to rely on marvin, an ok computer, to abstract the bricolage:

“life… don’t talk to me about life.”

but do tell me what it sounds like in the late 20th century! hold up the mirror to the world so that it can say “i’m not here” for it is now a shell of its former institutions, eaten from within and gilded without, a lustrous and vacuous fantasy sonically chronicled by peter gabriel, u2, and radiohead, the noise of repulsion and disintegration or salvation…something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…this was the sound of nuova europa! what ever does granddad have to say?

“love is gone away
and there’s no one here now
and there’s nothing left to say
but, oh, how I miss him, baby

please don’t slip away”

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