…i know it when i see it…

nativecan it be explained why a group would willingly come together to compete with others and label themselves knickerbockers? or why they would want to be associated with their sock color? what is the appeal of collectively being associated with a near-extinct native population, victims of cultural and ethnic genocide? does everybody secretly want to be a pirate, brigand, a sailor under the jolly roger? there once was a time when a thoroughly disreputable, racist or commonplace piece of clothing was the embodiment of sporting camaraderie, when your credentials were derived from fanatically associating with stockings, corsairs or the marginalized indigenous peoples of the americas and tasteless or inane mascots ruled the day.

“you’ve come a long way, baby.”

recently professional sport teams in the united states have called upon a wide variety zoology in an effort to create public identities to rally around; fierce yet wholesome creatures such the non-indigenous jaguar, the floating filter devil ray and the recreational quarry known as a marlin. at the same time, long traditions of celebrating bigotry are coming to an end with the phasing out of american indians as a token acknowledgment of a confabulated past. its truly a sad day in mudville when undergarmets and noble savages are no longer the de rigueur of sports franchise..but at least we’ve still got the pirates.

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