baby can you dig your man?

maidhow is it that a statistical majoirty is considered a minority in the united states? why is it that the shackles of democracy have not been cast off and the male population enslaved within a matriarchy? why does sexism exist when the numbers are with it’s victims? american mother has got the power so what’s stopping her from using it? lysistrata is not proud.

“you’re all a bunch of fuckin’ idiots! lettin’ people tell you what you’re gonna do! lettin’ people push you around! how long do you think it’s gonna last?! how long are you gonna let it go on?! maybe you like it! maybe you like being pushed around! maybe you love it! maybe you love gettin’ your face stuck in the shit! you love it, dontchya?! you’re all a buncha slaves! whata you gonna do about it, whata you gonna do about it?”

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