my mind is going…i can feel it…

preachwhat would a revival, pastoral or sermon be without television today? heretic! do not suggest a morally and spiritually enriching experience, for the modern day shepherd would not be able to tend his flock without a cathode ray crosier, nay you assimilate it! do you not believe that the all-knowing, all-powerful might of tv has infused itself so thoroughly into modern society that clerical duties depend now on an omniscience of entertainment programming by the ecclesia? what can an immortal soul relate to if not the incessant secularisms of conspicuous consumption, trivial pursuits and insatiable satisfactions?

alas shall the breast be beaten and voice cry out with lamentations because the once powerful opiate of the masses must now be cut with the designer drug of the day? sadly such theatricality is not needed, but pray my dear brothers and sisters for the souls of those curating who have succumbed to the seductive wiles of the small screen…lest we are led to our own spiritual demise and eternal damnation.

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