all the critics love you in new york…

singblondie, talking heads, and patti smith are hall of famers or merely the validation and entrenchment of a new york bias, the over-exaggeration of the importance of a fabled time and bowery that can’t even withstand the push of a resident’s committee. how rock n roll is that? where’s the groundswell of support by the legions so affected by these and that?

large suits, aspergers, al green covers, disco compromises, imitation of art, a preoccupation with death by uncombed hair and retreats from public life are lasting in their impact? institutions are created for our fantasies and enormous monuments of dogma as a means for recapitulating a little appreciated past by which we can confirm our own self importance. the ego of gotham asserts itself in cleveland and the ignorant masses must bow and pray to the gods critics have made.

“go ahead, bite the big apple, don’t mind the maggots”

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