kings and queens and guillotines…

libbywhat natural law be there save alpha ape is beholden to nothing save itself? foolishly the falsehoods are taken at face value and the belief continues that there is universal recourse and impartiality where lex is concerned, as if paper and proclamation could ever be imbued with an impellent as compelling as the fist of force. nevertheless the undercurrent of the civilised world regularly erupts forth and the undertow of inequality drags us out to sea so that we may either drown in the harsh realities of an abuse of power or swim back to the shore of succored complacency…either of which ends with the further entrenchment of the establishment.

so on the eve of the birth of a nation that unchained itself from the shackles of monarchy, behold the fireworks and majesty of an act of imperial impunity that scoots the unpardonable into the realm of acceptability…tyranny.

“watch your shit fall like rome…”

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