you ain’t seen nothin’ till you’re down on a muffin …

come alongwhat is a conservative? a social darwinist with the mistaken belief of being at the right of the monkey-man evolutionary chain duped into placing their head on the chopping block by the financial minority of a country to further their interests and supported by the intellectually challenged fringe.

what is a liberal? a social darwinist deluded by a mistaken belief in reason and humanity attempting to capitalize on those left behind by a conservative in an effort to placate a will to power to benevolently govern the hoi polloi and those their intellectual “inferior.”

what is a libertarian? a social darwinist whose penchant for vice necessitates a belief in no taxes and more personal choice in order to continue the funding of their victimless habits.

what is a pacifist? a social darwinist with the correct belief that in a straight fight they’d come out with the black eye therefore advocating a position of putting off their inevitable beat down for as long as possible.

what is a communist? a socialist darwinist attempting to instigate an artificial evolution to egalitarianism with the result being their being more equal than others.

what is a green? the social darwinist equivalent of a neanderthal…an evolutionary dead end.

what is an anarcharist? a sociopathic darwinist with a propensity for the lowest of street drugs and an even lower education.

what is a monarchist? a social darwinist with the correct belief that they are the scum of the gene pool in need of direct, hereditary rule for any chance of dominion.

what is a populist? a social darwinist suffering from a god complex and delusions of grandeur with the mistaken belief of popular support.

what is a progressive? a social darwinist with the mistaken belief that their genetic inheritance ought to be passed on.

“and he wore a hat, and he had a job, and he brought home the bacon, so that no one knew he was a mongoloid”

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