we’ve got till noon here comes the moon…

hombre!have you noticed the so-called “drug” problem in the united states is eerily similar to the contrived immigrant problem? the “solutions” to both tend to be the concentration of law enforcement activities on low level human mules, runners, pickers and toilet bowl cleaners in an effort to justify budgets and expenditures while reinforcing a subtle and suburban police state. always the low hanging fruit from the tree of crime is picked first and yet the barons of business enterprise always seem to get away to traffick in their illegal commodities another day while ordinary dregs are fed into the jaws of the system.

pet issues to social and economic conservatives, good old supply and demand is conveniently ignored when considering drugs and immigration after all there’s no reason to smuggle in the absence of active requisitioning. oddly enough little is done to squelch the desire for both while in fact, it seems a blind eye is turned to the black market commerce of each since cheap labor and mental dispossession of the citizenry are planks of this silent majority. given that the solution to these “problems” results in a well paid and aware population, will either ever find resolution?

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